Sound Healing

Sound healing like shamanism is an ancient tool and goes hand in hand with shamanism but it deserves its own category!
Sound healing is such an amazing tool. There are many different styles of sound healing and protocols. You can use just one instrument or many. It’s a fun and beautiful healing method with endless applications.
The main idea behind sound healing is to become in tune. Just like tuning a piano we are an instrument with many frequencies and we can get out of tune quite easily. Any state of emotion holds a certain frequency or tone. If we get stuck in a certain frequency for too long it can leads to dis-ease and then disease or illness or pain can emerge.

Just like the earth has an atmosphere so do we. The atmosphere is just as much a part of the earth as the physical mass of the planet. Our atmosphere is our biofield, or aura, or our bubble. Without the atmosphere of our earth nothing would be able to live and survive on this planet.  Our personal atmosphere is just as much a part of us as our physical, tangible body.
Our biofield can be quite large if it’s healthy and it can be quite small and contracted when we are not well. Sound helps to cleanse our biofield, amplify, and tune it.

Our bodies are the physical, tangible manifestation of our minds and our energetic body. Anything that has become a physical issue has been a part of us for quite some time and resonates/emits a certain frequency, and also attracts like frequencies. The way to fully address an issue starts at the level of our biofield. If we are in a state of harmony then we are more likely to attract other people, places or things into our life in a harmonious way.

There are many ways to work with sound.

Group sound healings are lovely and a nice way to also feel connected to others. They are more affordable and a great way to maintain wellness. It is also such a wonderful way to meditate.

A private sound healing can be more personalized. You can have instruments applied to your body and target more specific issues. Usually a private sound healing is accompanied with a bit of coaching and intention setting. This will bring a more complete and aware perspective of the issue and a plan of action towards transformation.

There is also taking a more active approach where you can learn to play a simple instrument. This has a very different effect than just receiving.

Also you can receive a personalized sound recording made specifically for you. This entails an intake session and works similarly to the private sound healing except instead of receiving the sounds in person the recording is made and sent to you and you can use it over and over. These are based on the conversation and intention. These are really great for longer standing issues or things like sleep difficulty or anxiety. I have seen some very powerful shifts with these recordings. And then you have it for life!

Something that is quite special about sound healing is it can disarm the management system that we all have. Sometimes we have talked about an issue or been in therapy for a while and have come to an understanding of the problem but nothing seems to be changing. It can be frustrating. Sound is so useful in these cases. It can allow us to transform from a more subconscious level bringing the changes up into the consciousness with much less resistance from our management system. Sometimes we know our story so well, we understand why we are the way we are and how we got here but just knowing that doesn’t necessarily help to make the changes and sometimes it can make us feel worse to keep looping around in the same story conversation. Using sound can be very effective at making space in our being so we can having a different experience of ourselves.
Emma offers Private and Group Sound Healing, and Personalized Recordings. Monthly sound healing events are posted on eventbrite (link to tickets)