About Emma Kingston

Emma Deerheart Kingston born in Berkeley CA. Raised in Northern California in the heart of the Redwoods she has always had a strong connection to nature and the spirit world surrounding us.

From a young age Emma felt the call to be a healer of some kind and pursued that quite passionately. She has been a student of the Healing Arts since 1997. In her youth she was an athlete pursuing dance, snowboarding, capoeira and eventually stumbling on the GYROTONIC(R) method of movement. She became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1998 and over the years she has developed her own style of bodywork that really tries to address the connective tissue at the layer of the bones.
In relation to massage she has studied Reiki, Reflexology, CranioSacral, Inner Oral Techniques, Deep Tissue, Prenatal techniques, Anatomy at an advanced level

Emma found the GYROTONIC(R) Method in 1999 and helped to pioneer the system by contributing to the educational program. She became a Master Trainer of the system in 2005 and since then is certified to conduct any of the specialized equipment courses, and all the advanced level tower courses. She has developed a specialized course for the Feet and Hands (link to the foot and hands page from the old site) both for the Gyrotonic and the GYROKINESIS(R) continuing education for certified instructors. She has trained many students over the years and continues to contribute to the education of the Gyrotonic community.

Emma has been studying Shamanism consciously since 2002 and more specifically and focused since 2014 under the tutelage of Michelle Christensen. She has taken the Advanced Shamanic Training 2x and then assisted the training. Emma sat on the hill for a traditional vision quest in 2018, and has done various other traditional shamanic ceremonies and rituals over the years. Emma has worked with Billie Topa Tate in her indigenous wellness mentorship.

For sound healing Emma studied with the Academy of Integral Sound Healing in the UK and completed the practitioner program. She is an apprentice to Joel Olive’ co-creator of the Sound Trance method based on the work of Stanislov Grof. She has studied various Tuning Fork protocols, some of which came from SomaEnergetics. Countless hours of personal time and practice with the instruments themselves and continues her studies with Adam Hurst for Cello and Vocal lessons with Stephanie Rooker creator of Voice Journey Sound Center.