A mover since a young age Emma has studied the body in motion for the majority of her life. For a complete list of the modalities please visit her bio page here (link to page)
As a youngster Emma did gymnastics for several years and then moved into the dance world. She went to The School of the Arts Highschool for dance and then decided to pursue massage training. Early in her Massage profession she stumbled upon the Gyrotonic method of movement and since then that has been the main movement modality.

She has been in the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis method of movement world since 1999 and became a Master Trainer in 2005. As a Specialized Master Trainer she has many offerings within this method of movement from Private work to training trainers. She brought Gyrotonic to the Portland Community and since then has trained and worked with 100’s of trainers.

Emma has also spent a lot of time with various yoga practices and neuromuscular techniques. At this point she pulls what is needed out of her library of movement knowledge to help the person in front of her.

Emma’s main motivation and inspiration for her movement knowledge was founded upon helping to bring balance to her own scoliosis and issues she had been born with in her feet. Being a Massage Therapist and an artist/musician also brought her to working deeply on the care and wellbeing of hands.

Movement sessions can be solely based within a specific modality of choice or can be pulled away from the dogma of any particular system. She prefers to attend to the body in question and offer whatever movement seems to be the best choice or tool for the person at that time. An appropriate combination of movements can be created for any individual’s needs.

She works in person or in virtual sessions.