A Retreat

The Soul Star is located in a wonderful, beautiful, secluded spot just up against the Pinchot National Forest in the Gorge. Many wonderful adventures and experiences can happen in tandem with a personal or small group healing retreat.

This is a really simple way of offering people a healing experience tailored to their needs. Whether you are an individual or a small group this is an example of what a retreat might look like.

Arrival 10am time to decompress and get oriented

Noon a movement class of some kind


  • 2pm a bodywork session on the deck above the creek
  • 5pm a shamanic counseling session sitting in the forest
  • 7pm sound healing
  • Rest and rejuvenate

Next morning

  • 10am shamanic integration session by the creek
  • Go for a hike or walk
  • 12pm movement or bodywork
  • 2pm sound healing integration

Of you go!

This is a super simple example of what might be possible. The personal work can be as intensive or spread out as one desires. Outdoor activities can be interwoven. It is meant to be tailored to your wants, needs and desires.

There is a small cozy apartment space for people to stay. There is a fully functioning kitchen. I do not provide food. There are restaurants within 10 to 15 min if desired otherwise bringing food is recommended.

How to initiate a personal retreat

Email or call with your interest


This is an investment in you. It’s best for you to meet Emma via a zoom session for a brief interview and to see if you resonate with each other. Based on that conversation Emma will put together a rough idea of some things you can work on together and a concept of how much time may be needed. In this process you will get to input anything you feel is needed or considered.

Once an agreed upon plan is determined Emma will write up a proposal and a deposit would be made for 50% of the agreed upon plan.

The idea of this is to have a rough idea of what we want to do with our time with plenty of options for things to change and be fluid. At the end of the retreat the actual services provided and time spent together will be reanalyzed and adjusted based off of the original concept. The final payment will be made at the end. This is meant to be a collaboration between the participant and Emma. There is no right or wrong and you can have a lot of time not doing anything if that is what you wish. The environment here is enough to provide you with endless levels of healing and well being. Emma is just here to assist and guide as needed.