Trans – ‘move across’, ‘changing thoroughly’, ‘beyond’
Formation – The act or state of forming

6 Month Mentorship With Emma

The fact that you are sitting here reading this means you are searching for something in your life. Greater joy, better resilience, peace, direction, purpose……

It takes time to change things that have been in place for a long time, things that have been quite useful to us but now are in need of an upgrade. Things that we are protecting in some way or hiding from. To unravel and create space and invite in a new way of being requires time, patience, support, desire, and a willingness to explore things that may not be the most comfortable. The most important requirement is that you believe it can change.

To get the most out of working with me it’s important to know that it is a commitment. To me as your guide but most importantly to yourself. Are you ready to engage with the parts of yourself that are unconscious? Do you believe that you can make the changes you require for personal growth and transformation? Can you make the time for yourself to do the homework? I can not make changes for you. I can guide, support and offer suggestions and tools for transformation but it all comes down to your involvement.

I require that we work regularly and with truth and authenticity. I am here to help you but you must show up for yourself. At a minimum two sessions a month in person or on zoom for 60 to 90 minutes is my personal requirement to know you are committed. Additionally you can have access to me via text and email, phone and can utilize sound healing, shamanic techniques, plant medicine, and meditation as transformational tools.

With your monthly contribution you receive:

  • two sessions either in person or on zoom
  • check ins via phone chat, text, email
  • homework

Other things that may be part of your process as needed:

  • Sound technology (personal recording, in person (that would count as
    one of your sessions), shamanic work which may include soul retrieval,
    cord cutting etc, working with Plant medicines, meditations, journaling,
    other ceremonial earth based ritual or ceremonies

We can not schedule the moments in which we can transform and heal. This is why I have moved more towards a mentorship organization. This work is much more involved then doing one session at a time. Often the real changes and shifts occur outside of our actual meeting times. Check ins are probably the most valuable asset in all of this. To have support in the real moment of need or in between things.

There are some things that can fall outside of our mentorship agreement like sitting with a group ceremony or things of that nature and we will discuss those things as they may come up.

How to begin? Set up an initial meeting to see if we are a fit. It’s important that we both feel safe and comfortable. If it feels like a good idea to move forward we will discuss payment and set up a handful of sessions to create the space in our calendars. I will often send some initial homework questions or suggestions and off we go on our journey into consciousness.

Email me here to set up an initial meeting