Shamanic Counseling and Technology

The word Shaman comes from the Siberian Tuvan Shaman from long ago and every culture has their version of a shaman and a different title to encompass that role in their community. If you look into the history of these various shamans you find many similarities in what they offer to their people. Each of them employ their own ‘tools’ and technology but they all have very similar structures. They all utilize some method of sound whether its rattles, drums, flutes, vocal toning, gongs, etc. The use of sound is used in various ways. Primarily it is used as a way to shift the consciousness of either the shaman and/or the receiving person or maybe both simultaneously.

This shift in consciousness allows the practitioner to access states of Non-Ordinary reality where information can be found and brought back to the receiving person. Healing can be performed in this state through various types of ceremonies or practices depending on the needs of the person.
Generally speaking all shamanic work is to address the wellbeing of the soul. To help take care of unfinished or unresolved issues and to restore a person’s personal power. Part of the process is to help that person learn how they lost their power, and how to regain and maintain that power. How this is accomplished is usually through a period of counseling and mentoring and coaching through using various techniques and tools as they are needed.

Making life changes takes time. Though we can see a shift quickly in some cases it is important to make a commitment to yourself for a period of time so you can really see how implementing these technologies in your life can make true and lasting change.

Shamanic work is earth based work. It helps to reconnect to nature and remember that we are all from nature. It helps you to remember where you came from and what you agreed to do in this lifetime. It can be very artistically inspiring and can help you to feel your innate creativity. It amplifies your ability to hear your heart speak, and know what your higher power sounds like and feels like. Some of the practices can really help with healing from traumatic experiences and can offer a way to release fear, anxiety and negative belief patterns. Some of the tools can be really helpful during big life changes when you need guidance or direction or centering.

Traditionally shamans do a lot of work with the dead. They act as a psychopomp and help to ensure that the discarnate beings cross over to the other side. The work to create health and wellbeing for the living souls also helps to bring a way for people to die more gracefully and to ease the fear of death so that they can live their life more fully.